What could be more thrilling than hovering on the highway in a semi flight experience in a Ferrari?!



Designed back in 2006, Ferrari Monza was an alternative concept to save the supercar for the future. When assisted driving systems and regulated safety features will eventually kill the fun of owning and driving a Ferrari.

“iMAN is like a hidden Gem in Design Industry. These guys designed the most futuristic game center for our company few years ago. Still having a hard time believing it’s real every time I walk into the place !”

Umer UlkerFun Time


The canard design of the Ferrari Monza, acts a giant airfoil and lifts the front end of the vehicle from the speeds 50 kmh and above. In this position the Gyroscope at the rear end of the vehicle, keeps the car balanced on two wheels, like an oversize Segway.

Avoiding the progress of assisted driving systems and control systems in the future is in vane because they will be a need and necessity in the future, like the Internet, and incidentally, without them, the driver will not have sufficient concentration. Thus my strategy is to create a comfortable space for future generation drivers who spend a lot of their time behind the computer.

In the future, the role of highways for commuting of cars will be more considerable. In my opinion, driving in the future in an ordinary car will be like operating a PC at the speed of 200 km/h on a highway. To reduce this unpleasant sense and retain the excitement of driving, the kind of movement in automobiles on roads and the position of the driver in the automobile must be reformed, which has not been changed for almost a hundred years.

This is an automobile that runs like other cars, under 50 km/h, but at higher speeds, it is affected by the aerodynamic condition of the "Canard" in the front section that is raised and becomes semi-flight. The "Canard" is, in fact, an Airfoil on the basis of the aerodynamic theory proposed by Professor Lippische, It has the specifications of airfoil code: "NACA000-12" and has a strong ground effect, which gives the vehicle a good cruising ability. The direction of air current and also changing direction while the front section is gliding, is done through two flaps existing in the canard section.

The position of the driver in this vehicle is something between sitting in front of a computer and sitting on a sports motorcycle. In this state, not only is the driver fully in control of software and hardware systems, but also experiences the excitement caused by cycling and air navigation at the same time. This experience and excitement must be originated by brands that have always been famous for these matters and their customers who have enough budget to risk and incentive for experiencing new ways; that is why I have designed this vehicle on the basis of Ferrari's brand and carline.